Review of “More Issues Than Vogue” by Wattpad author BellaLunaa

More Issues than VogueTitle: More Issues Than Vogue
Author: Wattpad Author – BellaLunaa

Series: Sequel is In-Progress on Wattpad now
Parts: 25
Genre: Chicklit

    Wattpad Featured Novel


Haley Monroe has moved to the Big Apple and is ready to start her internship at Forward Magazine, the hottest best selling lifestyle magazine in the country. Everything is set into place:

Overpriced tiny apartment? Check.
Sadly single? Check.
Friendless in new city? Check.     

Determined to set off with a fresh start and (clearly) positive attitude, she spends her first night in New York doing something that someone as organized as Haley is, would never dream of – a one night stand.  Well, almost. If you consider leaving Nate – the hottest guy she’s ever set her eyes on – naked in his apartment, a one night stand.  And to make Haley’s life complete, the new owner of Forward magazine just started his first day at the office. Haley instantly recognizes her new boss.  She almost had a one night stand with him.                             

Wattpad Review by Wendy:

I enjoyed Haley Monroe, the main protagonist, and her internship at Forward Magazine.  Haley is refreshing because she is one of the few characters I have recently come across who is hardworking, dedicated, talented…AND who displays modesty through her caring nature.  As a borderline OCD organizer and fellow introvert, I related closely to many of Haley’s issues. 

I love that she caught herself in a situation that would compromise her personal morals and she controlled herself!  Even in a state of drunkenness and clouded judgment, she had enough sense to realize she was on the verge of crossing a line that could not be un-crossed.  This decision alone gave her so much credibility to me! Like the rest of us, she still manages to get herself into other questionable circumstances.  Because I personally connected with her thought processes, I understood them and in turn respected most of her choices.

Haley grows so much as the story unfolds, both in her professional and personal life.  The author, BellaLunaa did a great job of revealing Haley’s internal debates.  I was cheering for Haley as she stepped out of her comfort zone and made the effort to forge new relationships.  By opening herself to fresh experiences and unfamiliar people, she is able to cultivate genuine friendships.  Of course, by exposing her heart, she makes herself vulnerable to feel hurt too.  Throughout the book it is clear she learns the positive experiences she gains from being open outweigh the pain and issues she must stumble through. 

Each new relationship Haley incites is with distinctly different, quite believable and (mostly) likeable characters.  Although not completely predictable, the actions of each individual seemed logical with who I understood them to be.

There were a few grammatical issues, but not enough for me to take away from the overall story.  The love triangle was mild and not even frustrating because even when Haley wasn’t sure of her own emotions, the author scripted it in a way so I understood Haley’s feelings and rationale. I enjoyed this book and I added the sequel, More Issues In Aruba, to my Wattpad library.  With my personal memory issues and my lack of patience issue, I will wait to start reading the sequel until it is finished on Wattpad.  I’m looking forward to it.

Wendy’s Rating: 4/6

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