Review of “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby

Title: The Great Gatsby
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Series: N/A
Release Date: 1925
Pages: 180

The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s third book, stands as the supreme achievement of his career. This exemplary novel of the Jazz Age has been acclaimed by generations of readers. The story of the fabulously wealthy Jay Gatsby and his love for the beautiful Daisy Buchanan, of lavish parties on Long Island at a time when The New York Times noted “gin was the national drink and sex the national obsession,” it is an exquisitely crafted tale of America in the 1920s.

The Great Gatsby is one of the great classics of twentieth-century literature.

Classic Challenge Review by Audrey

The 1920’s was an era of economic incline, at least for those involved in the Stock Market. The Great Gatsby is the written work of Fitzgerald that showed the prosperous side of the 20’s.  Fitzgerald added in the important message that money cannot buy you happiness. The book follows a young man named Nick as he navigates his way through the high class and the destruction money can bring with fortune.  The Great Gatsby was very well written and although the author never truly stated how the characters felt, I was able to jump into the lives of Gatsby, Nick and whoever else was in the story.

The Great Gatsby was one of those books that as you get older, you can go back to it and discover new things that will impact you. This book is not lolipops and rainbows. It shows a truth about the way the world works and how easily it is to turn your back on the ones you “love”.  Along with the heartbreak and deception throughout, the unfulfillment that fills Gatsby is very relatable to everyone on the planet. We are all constantly trying to do better and do more, even if it does not look like it. Because of this, we are never satisfied, even when getting the thing we think we want most (in this case, that being Gatsby’s love interest).

As I was reading this book, I do not think that I truly appreciated the impact it did have on me. But now, months later typing this up, I understand how well written and molded The Great Gatsby really was. I would recommend reading this book to anyone, even if the book did have its boring moments where it dragged on. Everything in this book was there for an importance, even if it did not seem like it added value at the time of reading.

Audrey’s Rating: 5/6

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