Review of “Sold to Him” by Wattpad Author nightimeshadows

Sold to Him

Title: Sold To Him
Author: Wattpad Author – nightimeshadows
Series: N/A
Status: Ongoing
Parts: 46+
Genre: Romance



Daren Night is ruthless, cruel; one of the most feared men in the world, but he has always been intrigued by the idea of having someone of his own. Someone he could take care of and love. Someone he could show a different side of him to. Someone who would love him endlessly.  He’s had his eye on one girl in particular. A girl who has been broken beyond extent and torn to pieces by her drug addicted mother, who owes him for all of the drugs she’s taken from him without pay.  Due to this, he’s found a perfect time to get what’s his. He’s given the mom a chance to pay him back by something other than money: by giving him her daughter…

Wattpad Review by Audrey

I wanted to read this book since I was and still am currently have troubles with one of my own stories. I am constantly trying to find and scour Wattpad for anything to help me with character development and themes. Starting this book, I was fairly excited. Not only was the primary character the author chose to write out of a male, but the topics of abuse both mentally and physically I thought would really help me and shed light on how I can write some of my own scenarios.

Sold to Him, without a doubt, was way different than I was expecting it to be. Right off of the bat, the beginning left me startled and confused. The emotions the main character, Daren, was feeling, although human, baffled me as he claimed that he “loved” Aria, the main female lead. Going back to my memory of Romeo and Juliet, this fast startling proclamations left me a little angry. Daren had not even talked to Aria before saying this. On top of this, Daren was meant to be a gang leader, and even though I respect the author’s choice of not making him the typical gang leader, I felt that he was too emotional. I found contradictions like this throughout the book. He would think one thing, but act on a completely different instinct.

Like stated before, I was excited that a male was the lead since most stories are written out of a female’s point of view. Though, as I read, I couldn’t help but feel that Daren was closer related to how a girl would be portrayed. I wasn’t expecting the book to be void of emotion, or be all about women, but I would have liked to see a more true representation of how a man thinks. Having two older brothers, I am not lost on how they think either.

I know this review can be looked at as harsh, but not every book you read is a grade A book. I commend nightimeshadows for writing her story, it takes guts. You have to take all Wattpad books with a grain of salt since nothing is a final draft, but the grammar and sentence structure was not distracting and it was one of the things that the author did a pretty good job with.

Audrey’s Rating: 2/6

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