Most Disappointing Book Series

I think we have all had them…those books that seem to have so much potential.  They peak our interest, connect us with relatable characters, engage us in their lives, keep us  in anticipation, and then…fizzle out, wither the emotional bond that had felt so strong and then eventually leave us disenchanted and indifferent.  These are the Book Series that captured our attention, sucked us in and then just didn’t live up to that standard in the end. 

Most Disappointing Book Series


By Wendy:
By Audrey:

  1. The Marked Ones Trilogy by Kat Vancil   The Marked Ones Trilogy
    • From the beginning, the one-page Prologue intrigued me.  I quickly connected to each of the characters, comfortable with their sarcastic banter and easily visualized their world.  I found myself immersed in each situation through almost all three books.  In the last few chapters of the third book, one character just vanished! No one seemed disturbed by this at all!  The remaining characters each greedily took their happy ending and neglected to acknowledge the one missing!   I believe the author was supposed to continue the story in a new series, but I was so annoyed by this ending that I haven’t even thought about reading more.  
  2. Maximum Ride Series by James Patterson  Maximum Ride Series
    • I understand this is a popular series and James Patterson has topped Forbes’ list of highest paid authors… for many years! I just couldn’t continue reading this series.  I enjoyed it initially, but found myself annoyed with the story and eventually the characters too!  I understand the main characters are kids; I expect them to be juvenile (I am the mother of two boys and one girl, I have a pretty high tolerance for rambunctiousness).  As a reader, I want them to grow and evolve and not so they can find romance! I found myself angry at the manipulative adults and the atrocities they commit against these hybrid ‘kids’ and I lost interest.
    • The first book was a good start that left me wanting to read more.  As I continued to read this series, there was a lot less focus on the oigin of the hybrid kids and more focus on smaller, insignificant things like their love lives and bickering amongst each other. I found myself constantly hoping for the reminisiance of the first book to flow over and to make the other books more enjoyable to read. 
  3. Unenchanted Series by Chanda Hahn Unenchanted 1 Fairest 2 Fable 3 Reign 4 Forever 5
    • The first book was mostly fun and interesting.  I was only mildly annoyed with the lead protagonist, Maya.  By the time I was a few chapters into the second book however,  I personally couldn’t get past Maya’s immaturity.  Her decisions and thought processes drove me crazy!  Again, I understand she is young, but as a young lady, learning to navigate these incredibly dangerous situations and ideas, shouldn’t she be able to learn from her unique experiences?
    • I was not so bothered by the immaturity of the main character, Mya as my mom was. Though, her naivety left holes and troubling situations throuout the story. With trust issues, Mya was constantly switching sides, muddling up good relationships that would actually help her. One of the most difficult things to get through was her lack of a thought process. Running in head first with no understanding of the consequences of her actions. 
  4. River in Time Series by Lisa T. Bergren River in Time 1 River in Time 2 River in Time 3-4 River in Time 5
    • This one breaks my heart to include on this list, but I can’t deny the disappointment I felt in how this incredible series wrapped up.  I absolutely loved the people in this book, especially sisters Gabi and Lia!  Lisa T. Bergren describes historical Italy in a completely relatable way.  About 3/4 way through Deluge, the final book, I became frustrated with multiple characters. It felt like the story was condensed and maybe even altered in order to squish in the conclusion by the last page. Why??? It was easily one of my favorite series until that point.  
    • These books were easily one of my favorite series. I read the first book in a night, quickly transitioning into the second. This well told story sucked me in instantly and didn’t let go the entire way…that is until the end. The last book Deluge started out strong like the rest, but around the end, felt rushed. Finishing the series was not rewarding as my favorite character Gabby, was no longer a major role. On top of this, situations altered the other characters’ actions, which would be okay but they were no longer remotley the same person as before. 
  5. Kihanna in College of the Kihanna Saga by Mercy Amare The College Life I'm Over It 
    • I didn’t immediately connect to these characters or the writing, but as I continued to read, I found I wanted more and more of Kihanna’s life and her story.  I guess I wanted a lot more, because I read all seven books in this series! My disappointment comes because the author quit writing Kihanna’s saga. Her blog states that she may re-write some of her books by removing bad language and content while keeping the same basic story with a more Christian view.   September, 2015, was the last time her blog was updated, so not really sure where she is with the process…
  6. Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas Throne of Glass Crown of Midnight Heir of Fire Queen of Shadows Empire of Storms
    • This series was beautiful at the beginning. The main protagonist was relatable and the storyline gripped my attention, sucking me in. Sadly, when the scond book hit, this amazing and strong leading character changed within a drop of a dime, leaving me baffled. I tried so hard to power through it, but even I, the person who begrudgenly pushed through the Maximum Ride Series could not push through this hump to finish reading the series. 


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