Review of “The Defenders” TV Series on Netflix

The DefendersTitle: Marvel’s Defenders
Network: Netflix
First Aired: August 18, 2017-Season One
Status: The Defender’s second season is possibility-earliest 2020/ Season 2 of Jessica Jones & Luke Cage-2018/ Daredevil Season 3 & Iron Fist Season 2-2019/ Later 2017 Season One of The Punisher releases  
Genre:  Action, Adventure, Crime

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Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist team up to fight crime in New York City.

Current Crusade Review by Wendy

I have anticipated this series for what feels like forever now.  My husband and I first watched seasons one and two of Daredevil, loved it and then got Audrey to watch it too.  She quickly turned into a devoted fan, so much so that she plowed through all of The Defenders’ first seasons of their own shows….Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage.  Each of these series feature their character’s everyday reality by presenting individual trials with a raw and edgy authenticity.  We were all excited for season three of Daredevil, but disappointed when we learned that Matthew Murdock’s story would only continue after The Defenders aired.  So finally August 18th came and over this past weekend all three of us watched the eight (grrrrr, only eight) episodes of The Defenders

I fully enjoyed seeing some of my favorite Marvel characters reunited.  In my opinion, one of the best components of this small screen series is that different cast figures entwined a bit in each Defender’s life.  Both helpful personalities like Claire, and more sinister entities, like Madam Gao, were a common thread that provided a unity to each crusader’s story.  I am a believer that secondary characters can make or break any saga.  In these TV versions of unlikely, yet extraordinary New York heroes, their stories connect through mutual friends, acquaintances, and enemies. 

Understanding ahead of time that these four mercenaries would come together to make up The Defenders was a good premise, but after watching the first full episode, I had yet to see them even meet.  Come on! There were only eight episodes total!  At the end of the second episode, connections between the soon-to-be Defenders finally began to materialize.  It felt like too much time was spent on setting up the plot and that left too little time for us to enjoy our improbable heroes interacting and kicking butt together.  Apart from the opening sword fighting scene, for me, the show felt like it took an unduly amount of time to get the action really moving. 

Don’t get me wrong, I find myself more invested in each of these characters after watching The Defenders.  I enjoyed Sigourney Weaver’s merciless grip over the leaders in her palm…(see what I did there?)  She was an integral element of this series.  I hope future seasons of each individual’s crusade will maintain the edgy climate and interaction between all of these personalities. 

Wendy’s Rating: 4/6

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