Review of “Serve and Obey” by Wattpad Author SINAIDKINCAID16

Serve and Obey
Serve and Obey
Author: Wattpad Author Sinaidkincaid16

Series: N/A
Status: Completed
Parts: 24
Genre: Romance



Aleska Maric is a Russian soldier and highly skilled specialist field operative.  Her expert knowledge of the vast Amazon jungle and her tactical operational skills has her joining forces with a covert British Special Forces Unit tracking a fearsome and resourceful Cuban drug lord, hiding in the depths of the Amazon Basin; wanted for the murder of a senior British diplomat as well as the murders of several wealthy European businessmen.  Aleska had no problem offering her services to the British Special Forces but it was the unbearable and unsufferable Commanding Officer, Colonel Stone Bretton that Aleska had…unresolved issues with.

Concealed Crown Review by Wendy

Serve and Obey turned out to be a fun story with engaging characters.  Aleska, the female protagonist, is a Major in the Elite Russian Military.  She is smart, skilled, fierce, independent and super tough.  On the rare occasion when she lets her guard down, she is comfortably seen as beautiful, feminine and even tender.  She receives orders to assist a British Special Operations Team who is currently targeting a drug cartel in the Amazon Jungle. Using her tactical expertise and her prior experience in the Amazon, she temporarily joins this military team.

Vertically landing a helicopter into their camp location, Aleska sets a fearless precedent as her introduction to the covert team.  Such a bold entrance may have not been the best first impression with some members of the British team. Slowly, as circumstances arise, Aleska earns the respect and trust of each individual in this specialized unit. Acts of bravery, self sacrifice, providing dependable support and sharing her knowledge help to integrate Aleska with each British Operative.

She struggles internally with her feelings towards the British Commanding officer, who is now her superior. It is clear that Aleska and Stone are familiar with each other, but the extent of their previous interaction is slowly revealed through their thoughts as the story progresses.  The tension between the two is a tug-of-war of wills throughout most of the book.  A lack of clear communication puts the tentative relationship and future between Aleska and Stone at risk.  I’m a sucker for happy endings, and this one delivered!

There are some grammatical errors throughout the book and I found myself rereading sentences sometimes for clarity, but overall, the grammar didn’t take away from the story.

Wendy’s Rating: 3/6

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