Potential Books to Movies?

Making a movie based on a book is nothing new. In fact, in 1924 one of the first film adaptations, Greed was made based on the novel McTeague by Frank NorrisGreed.  Initially over 9 hours long, the footage was cut and cut some more. Eventually when released, the silent film was a mere two hour remnant of it’s original. So much of the story had been eliminated, the box office version didn’t make sense and flopped.  Subsequently, portions of the film have been restored, making the now four hour film, into what some consider one of the greatest films ever made.

Listed below are some of my favorite book series. Their authors created amazing stories, amazing characters all in amazing surroundings!  I can only imagine how engaging these stories could be if transferred onto the big screen. Unfortunately, many incredible novels haven’t successfully made the transition from pages to screen.  My list of ten book series below, I believe, have potential to manifest into remarkable movies or even television series….I must admit however, I loved these stories so much and I am afraid to risk wishing for a conversion of these scripts from paperback to picture show for fear of their demise.

  • Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

Infernal Devices 1   Infernal Devices 2   Infernal Devices 3


  • The Arotas by Amy Miles

Arotas 1  Arotas 2  Arotas 3  Arotas 4


  • Grey Wolves by Quinn Loftis

Grey Wolves 1 Grey Wolves 2 Grey Wolves 3 Grey Wolves 4 Grey Wolves 5 Grey Wolves 6 Grey Wolves 7 Grey Wolves 8 Grey Wolves 9 Grey Wolves 10

True Reign by Jennifer Anne Davis

The Key Cover  Red  War


  • River In Time by Lisa Tawn Bergren

River in Time 1  River in Time 2  River in Time 3-4  River in Time 5


  • Relentless by Karen Lynch

Relentless 1   Refuge   Rogue   Warrior


  • Tru Exceptions by Amanda Tru

Tru Exceptions 1  Tru Exceptions 2  Tru Exceptions 3


  • Shadow Demons Saga by Sarra Cannon

Shadow Demons 1  Shadow Demons 2  Shadow Demons 3  Shadow Demons 4  Shadow Demons 5  Shadow Demons 6  Shadow Demons 7  Shadow Demons 8


  • Judgement of the Six by Melissa Haag

Judgement of the Six 1  Judgement of the Six 2  Judgement of the Six 3  Judgement of the Six 4  Judgement of the Six 5  Judgement of the Six 6


  • The Rosewoods by Katrina Abbott
    Rosewoods 1 Rosewoods 2 Rosewoods 3 Rosewoods 4 Rosewoods 5 Rosewoods 6 Rosewoods 7 Rosewoods 8 Rosewoods 9 Rosewoods 10

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