Review of “Puppet Boy” by Wattpad Author z0mbies

Puppet BoyTitle: Puppet Boy
Author: z0mbies
Series: N/A-Short Story
Status: Completed
Genre: Horror
Parts: 17


“My beautiful Puppet Boy and my beautiful Puppet Girl.”

A teenage boy and girl find themselves trapped in the lair of a crazy man obsessed with human puppetry.

Wattpad Book Review by Audrey:

Horror is a genre that I can honestly say I have not explored much. I hope to change this is the near future.  Puppet Boy is not one of those books that left you on the edge of your chair, or even got your heart pumping, and in that aspect I guess you can say it was a let down.  However, I have to give this book credit for what it did have, because the author z0mbies was successful in many other aspects.

Being such a short story, the length could’ve proved a challenge for character attachments. This was definitely not the case. Right out of the gate, I felt a connection to the main character, Tyler. You could chalk it up to the situation he was in, or you could say it was the memories that the author hung over him throughout the entire story.  I like to think it was a mix of both. Now, for the other character, I cannot say I was much of a fan, but that would be because of her actions later in the book (don’t worry, I won’t reveal the secret).

The overall cruelty of the man in the mask is outstanding and even had me surprised at the lengths he went to put on his “show”. The horror he inflicts upon the two he held captive was, although gruesome, never overbearing and only added to the story. As the book unfolds, and you find out the history of the three characters, you understand everyone, and I mean everyone. No one is left out of the loop, and every movement is with a purpose. This made the whole experience in its entirety, dare I say it, enjoyable.

The amount of time and thought z0mbies put into this story really shows through. Even with the use of only three characters, the book never felt bleak and the author made the most of these three characters.

Rating: 4/6

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