Review of “Alias” TV Series


Network: ABC
First Aired: September 30, 2001-Season One
Status: 2002-Season Two, 2003-Season Three, 2005-Season Four, 2005/06-Season Five Final Episode Aired May 22, 2006
Genre: Action, Drama, Mystery


Sydney Bristow is an international spy recruited out of college and trained for espionage and self-defense.

Current Crusade Review by Wendy:

I actually didn’t start watching Alias during its pilot season.  I old-school Netflixed it…by that I mean I requested DVD’s online from my Netflix queue, received the DVD in mail, watched the episodes on said DVD and then mailed it back before getting my next disc.  This was done through the actual mail (not e-mail) handled by USPS!

I still managed to watch most seasons this way.  One year for Christmas, my husband bought me the boxed collection of seasons one through four.  You may be able to surmise, by now that I loved this series.

Jennifer Garner portrayed an excellent Sydney Bristow.  The cast and story was layered and quite complex, but I enjoyed how relationships and drama unfolded. Sydney Bristow was beautiful, brilliant and kicked serious butt! By paying close attention to the interaction between much of the cast, I felt a closeness with each character. Some of my favorite personalities were not even considered part of the main cast…David Anders as Julian Sark, for example, was my favorite of Sidney’s rivals. I loved his character on Alias so much that I find myself easily liking the characters he’s played since on other shows like Once Upon A Time and iZombie. 

Seasons 1-4 were by far the best.  In season 5 the main focus shifted from CIA/double agent/crime fighting action to the personal drama between Sydney’s family and the evil Sloan and the supernatural world of Rambaldi. I was disappointed by this but obviously I watched through the series finale. This show did a great job of connecting the dots, giving specific purpose to details. One of my biggest pet peeves in any story (TV/movies/books) is leaving details incomplete and messy.  I am detailed oriented and I notice! I very much appreciate perceptive conclusions, Alias delivered. I would recommend watching this series to anyone who enjoys espionage, action, intelligent situations and complex specifics.

Wendy’s Rating: 5/6
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