Love To Hate

Characters I Love to Hate – by Audrey

Love to Hate

Admit it, we all have them. The antagonists in our favorite stories that make you want to shout and pull out your hair! They ignite the very fiber in your body that deems that you hate someone. This is my list of characters that I have found myself loving to hate as I journeyed through the stories. And even though it is not a long list, it is growing.

                     The Key          Red          War
Lennik from The True Reign Series
Lennik is the brother of Darmik, who is one of the most beloved characters from this amazing series. Lennik, is a conniving and manipulative man who prospers while others are down. He has done so many atrocious things throughout the series that you can’t and would never ask for a better conceived villain.

Emperor Hamen from The True Reign Series
Yes, another character from this series. What can I say? The villains in this story are purely hate-worthy and bring out all of the bad thoughts you suppress. Though, I believe the best villains become notorious because you grow a connection with them. Even though unconventional, the association is needed to bring forth a worthy adversary and create a good book.

I will Not Tell Lies
Delores Umbridge from Harry Potter
We all know her and we all hate her with a passion. This psychotic lady who’s laugh makes your ears bleed and is the source of so much of our hatred while Harry is at Hogwarts. Yes, for me even He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named incites less injustice and is less annoying than this woman and her evil detention quill. 

Dracula 3
Even though this name alone may not actively ignite a strong fire, the hearth in my mind is always lit when it comes to Dracula. He is incredibly intelligent and mysterious, making it insanely hard to read him and come up with what he might do next.  Combining this with his overbearing presence, you can’t help but love to hate him and his schemes.

Pride & Prejudice 2
Lydia Bennet from Pride and Prejudice
This self-absorbed and self-indulged sister of Elizabeth Bennet is the main source of my mockery and pain as I read this book. She was always making drama and putting herself on a pedestal next to her own sisters. She made me feel sick as to what she put her family through (even if her actions are not technically so scandalous in today’s society).

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