Review of “bite.” by Wattpad Author Lady Angel of Twist

BiteTitle: bite.
Author: Wattpad Author angeltwist or Lady Angel of Twist (listed both ways on Wattpad)
Status: Completed
Parts: 41
Genre: Romance, Supernatural

Back when Y2K was a thing, Lorna was a typical 90s girl looking forward to the 21st Century. She has a family, boyfriend and a dream to finish college. However just before the dawn of the new millennium, Lorna finds herself the victim of a vampire attack that leaves her dead in the ground for ten years.A decade later and Lorna wakes up as a fully-fledged vampire and learns she is now the member of a powerful London coven that is closely guarded by the British government and their strange genetically modified vampire soldiers, known as the’ Archangels’. After an accident Lorna finds herself bonded to Michael, one of the mysterious Archangel soldiers, and together they are charged with finding out about the disappearances of both humans and vampires around the UK. As they search the country for answers they discover secrets that could tear apart the fragile truce between humans and vampires.

Wattpad Book Review by Wendy

I’ve had this book in my Current Reads queue for quite a long time and never actually got around to reading it.  Reading Dracula must have inspired me to read more in vampire genre?  Whatever the reason, I am glad I read it.  bite. is entertaining and thankfully not overly predictable.

Wattpad Author angeltwist (Lady Angel of Twist) has an interesting approach to creating the vampire family tree.  I fully embraced this new perspective.  Her whole concept of creating ‘baby vampires’ (probably not what you are thinking) is unique.  It feels like a believable part of vampire life, culture and family. The concept of Lorna inheriting physical traits of her vampire parents enforces their lineage. Although stolen from her human family, Lorna’s new vampire parents feel mostly genuine in welcoming her as their own.  I only say mostly because I think the author could have more consistently represented the protectiveness that I imagine, these two mom’s would have had after waiting 10 years to see their ‘baby’, especially in times of alarm.  I applaud angeltwist’s brilliant design in leveling all vampire descendant’s origins; Meaning, these two vampire moms create their family unit the same way any heterosexual vampire couple starts their family. There is just something comforting to me when both parents can revel in optimistic anticipation of bestowing their own biological traits to their descendants. 

angeltwist did include a realistic prejudice, however she presented it tactfully only enhancing the story, not imposing on the plot.   The story is a little busy, but still easy enough to understand.  The grammar is a bit under par and I found myself having to reread sentences sometimes to make sure I came away with an accurate understanding of the text. (Am I the only person who edits sentences while I am reading them?) This was a fun read, not overly heavy and yet still included some more meaningful thoughts.

Wendy’s Rating 3/6

Rating CrownRating CrownRating Crown

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