Review of “A Kiss in Costume” by Wattpad Author London Sutterby

A Kiss in CostumeTitle: A Kiss in Costume
Author: London Sutterby (Wattpad @elsetterby)
Release Date: March 18, 2016
Parts: 4
Genre: Short Story, Romance

Watty’s 2016 HQ Love Award Winner


This Halloween, Maggie Juarez just wants to nerd out on the finer points of period costume design in her hand-made Regency ballgown and try to ignore her painful, awkward crush on beautiful ice-queen Samantha Winters. But Sam is impossible to ignore, especially when she shows up to a party dressed–perfectly–as Mr. Darcy. She can’t be trying to attract Maggie’s attention…can she?

Wendy’s Condensed-Concealed Crown Review:

I spent another insomniac night concentrating on the words illuminated by my phone’s glow.  I started a couple different books on Wattpad, but quickly became frustrated with  each one while trying to decipher the clunky delivery of what I initially thought were promising story concepts. After deleting two failed reading attempts, I was hoping I would finally find sleep soon…optimistically, my next choice was the short story, A Kiss in Costume.

A Kiss in Costume takes place at a party on Halloween.  (Hmmm, well that’s appropriate timing!) This sweet little snapshot was so refreshing, especially after the evening’s two previous reading attempts to engage my mind turned out to be so dismal. The author expertly describes the scene where this short story ensues. My quick summation-a Halloween party in a crowded apartment full of costume donning high-school students all hanging out while hip-hop blares so loud each partier feels it through their feet to their chest.  In just four short chapters, London Sutterby manages to eloquently describe Maggie and Sam’s churning emotions while discerning their counterpart’s motives, despite the composed facade each girl portrays.  The dialogue in each of these young ladies minds is so relatable.  It is such a normal step in a very human process of establishing a personal connection with someone new. 

Maggie and Sam each have two chapters written from their perspective.  The inner dialogue of each protagonist depicts her own insecurities and her interpretations (or misinterpretations) of others’ actions. Each girl holds concerns similar to those that most of us have experienced in comparable situations in our own lives.  Again, the thoughts and emotions of these two typical teenagers are so relatable!

In my tired state at 3AM after I finished reading this very short story, my mind continued to ponder…In general, our society’s center of attention is misplaced. In our world today, especially as of late, where tremendous focus has been placed on hate and prejudice, we should be concentrating more on the factors that make us similar and less on those that set us apart. Through the emotions and insecurities of Maggie and Sam, London Sutterby beautifully illustrated a conventional situation from the perspective of an unconventional relationship.  For me, the bigger picture includes finding common ground in our experiences and in the way we feel and process emotions. It really shouldn’t matter your sexual orientation, skin color, nationality, political affiliation or heritage, we are all just people.  Seriously, can we please apply the Golden Rule? Treat others like you want to be treated I want for my own kids and now especially my grandchildren to live in a world where people are people and we can see past our differences. (I grew up in the 80’s, can you hear the Depeche Mode song like I just did?

As representatives of modern society in 2017, we should be beyond hateful prejudices and racism.  After reading A Kiss in Costume, I realize I may be alone in feeling this level of inspiration from this cute little story which caused me to rant, but for now, that’s okay.  Maybe someone else who reads my energized thoughts will also be energized…? Implementing the Golden Rule in our own actions and pay if forward. 

Wendy’s Rating: 5/6
Rating CrownRating CrownRating CrownRating CrownRating Crown

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