My Favorite Literary Heroines by Audrey

6.)  Amy Gumm (Dorothy Must Die Series)
Dorothy Must Die 1   Dorothy Must Die 2   Dorothy Must Die 3   Dorothy Must Die 4

Amy is a pessimistic high school student who has similar personality traits to myself. The way she handles the major roadblocks in her life is amazing, and her backstory, though sad, makes you feel connected to her. She is a favorite of mine because of her resistance from being knocked to the ground.

5.)  Isabelle Lightwood (The Mortal Instruments Series)
Mortal Instruments 1   Mortal Instruments 2   Mortal Instruments 3   Mortal Insturments 4   Mortal Instruments 5   Mortal Instruments 6

This confident and lovable character is one of my favorites because of her desire to be independent. The love she has for her family fuels her actions throughout this series. She holds on to those she loves, while never losing track on what she defines to be the “DNA” of her personality.

4.)  Mara Dyer (Mara Dyer Series)
Mara Dyer 1    Mara Dyer 2    Mara Dyer 3

Mara is one of my top heroines because of her personality. She is humorous, and although at times cynical, she will do anything for those she loves, even if it means that she will become a completely different person.

3.)  Allyssa (Reign of Secrets Series)
Reign of Secrets 1    Reign of Secrets 2    Reign of Secrets 3

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Allyssa is a headstrong girl with a strong vision of her future. She has a rash mindset because of her age, but it doesn’t make her ignorant. She is able to think things through, and try to come up with an outcome that will hopefully better all those she loves.

2.)  Tessa Gray (The Infernal Devices)
Infernal Devices 1    Infernal Devices 2    Infernal Devices 3

 The wisdom Tessa brings to the series is refreshing. Although also ruled by her emotions, she is able to logically think things through and push through difficult situations to do what is necessary. 

1.)  Rema (True Reign Series)
The Key    Red    War

Rema is my favorite heroine because of her defining personality. She has a strong image of what she wants in her life, and she isn’t willing to bend to the expectations of society. She is always willing to make difficult sacrifices for those she loves, and the deep compassion she feels for others drives her to make her people her top priority.

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