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My husband noticed online ads for a new device that claimed you could get access to virtually every TV show and movie ever made since the 1970’s through today….without having to pay for cable and membership fees!  We were curious.  Our kids were or are still currently employed at a movie theater, our daughter along with her parents are TV series-binge watchers and previously, we owned two small-town movie theaters… Do I need to explain further that our entire family regularly utilizes cable TV, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Crunchyroll, YouTube and we all frequent our local theaters.

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About 3 1/2 years ago, I had some crazy, out of the blue, medical issues.  Since that time I have not been able to work full-time.  Like most middle-class American families who rely on the income from both parents, losing one revenue source has been extremely difficult, to say the least!  Our lives have flipped upside down and we are still making adjustments.  We are watching our pennies a lot closer these days, so the idea of saving lots of those pennies, is quite appealing! MuViBox has a one-time purchase price and no monthly fees or user fees or membership fees! Yay!

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After reading up on it online and checking out other consumer reviews, my husband thought, why not give it a try…?  He ordered one and we received our MuViBox a few days later.  We have been using it for a few months now.  I will admit, this little box is pretty amazing!   Since shows are streaming and not downloaded, I was initially skeptical at how efficient it would be.  I am actually impressed.  They weren’t lying when they said they have most movie’s and TV shows made since the 1970’s!  We have found each series or movie we have searched, with the exception of a couple of movie’s not yet released in theaters…yes…seriously!  I have even found older movies that I have been trying to find to watch for our CINEMAS blog page.  Remember I mentioned that we all love our theater movie’s?  Well, here is an eye opener…when you no longer own the theater, you are required to pay (gasp) for tickets, and popcorn, and drinks!  Not only do you have to pay for all of those things, but I must say the popcorn available here locally is sub-par, the theaters can be crowded with noisy people, who chew with their mouths open, crinkle their candy wrappers and talk to their companions!  WTH? I dearly miss private showings for our employees and us and I so very much miss our yummy popcorn!  Well, MuViBox can’t do much about the popcorn, but they have greatly improved upon my other complaints.


I feel our best results while using MuViBox have been in watching TV series.  We all just finished all seven seasons of Suits, Audrey just wrapped up seven seasons and is current on the eighth season of Shameless. (They aren’t kidding! The behavior in that show really is shameless. Great acting by a stellar cast though!) The visual and audio quality of TV shows seem to be the most consistent; movies tend to be better quality after they have been released on DVD, but that’s not such a bad trade-off considering the lesser quality box office hits available on MuViBox are usually still in theaters.  We have been able to watch some excellent movies despite no longer having our own theater.  While watching our pennies, we pick and choose which movies to splurge on and go see at the theater.  Some of my favorite recently-watched for the first time in our living-room on MuViBox have been Baby Driver, The Big Sick, and American Made.  A few other amazing movies we originally saw in the theater but have been able to watch again, but this time at home using MuViBox, include Wonder Woman, Spider-Man Homecoming and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. 

Wonder Woman                               Spiderman Homecoming                               Fantastic Beasts and Where to find Them

We have experienced a few ‘buffering’ issues, however, we have been having other issues with our wireless internet strength.  I’m hoping after our internet provider comes to inspect our connection, improvements will be made and most of our buffering issues with MuViBox will be eliminated as well.  In the midst of connection issues, we have contacted MuViBox for help also.  Their team responded politely and have proven to be knowledgeable and helpful, although not all of our complaints have been completely resolved yet.  I do wish there was a better “User’s Guide” to more clearly explain functions, navigating and trouble-shooting on our own.


Although it’s not a flawless system, I think MuViBox offers great value.  The cost of one MuViBox is around $350, but there there seems to be a continuous discount available on their website for $50 off, and my father-in-law found a coupon for an even bigger discount!  If you are interested in this new cost-saving tech, I would recommend giving it a try!  You can link directly to MuViBox by clicking on any of the MuViBox links in our website.  If you do choose to purchase one using a link through this blog, (which I would appreciate very much) I do get a percentage kick-back from the company, but it doesn’t affect your purchase price at all.

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2 Comments on “MuViBox

  1. How do you get them to answer their phone or follow up on support? I have an issue pending for 5 days with no reply, email or phone. I have had my box for 2 years and have had issues which took days to resolve. They say they are there late in the day but first you need to get their attention, My box is on hold waiting for them to send me a “pin number” to verify my email address that has been the same all along. They responded to a change of password. I tried that to see if they were still there. I even tried to be an affiliate but got no response there either. Might have to pretend to buy another box to get their attention.


    • Hi, Patricia. I apologize for not responding to your question earlier. I need to remember to check for comments made on our Blog…Sorry about that…. I understand your frustration with MuviBox Support. We have experienced some similar frustrations with them. We didn’t notice at first, but MuviBox support will respond directly on the ticket created for an issue. Initially they responded by email so that is what we were looking for, but since then, we have received responses directly on the ticket. We still have issues with ‘buffering’, grrrrrrrrr…..we were directed to try their “Show Box” section. It doesn’t have everything that the regular MuviBox section does, but we have had better luck with quality and much, much less buffering. The “Show Box” option is on the main menu screen on the lower bar. There is a skill of aiming the cursor at the screen while using Show Box, NOT a skill I possess, but the rest of my family doesn’t find it as challenging. I don’t know if that helps. I wish I had better info. I was so excited to discover MuviBox initially and I think if they ever get their issues smoothed out they will be a fantastic service, until then, if we want to use it, I guess we just have to deal with the frustrations….


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