Casual Narrative’s Best of 2017

Our little review blog has only been in existence since April of this past year, but I thought it would be fun to recap some of my favorite reviews from the past eight months.  Below is my favorite appraisal from each of our “C”ategories.  

Click on each picture to read the review.

Classic Challenge

Admittedly, I definitely didn’t read and review one classic book per month.  Can you feel the upcoming New Years Resolution to be declared with this category??? That is decidedly my primary resolution for Casual Narrative’s 2018 blog; I will strive to read and review one classic book per month.  Of the sadly few number that I read and reviewed in 2017, my favorite was Jane Austin’s, Pride and Prejudice.  This book was my nemesis for several years.  It took me three times starting and stopping before getting through the entire thing.  It might have found its way to the top of my Classic Reviewed list because Audrey and I read it to each other, aloud, a memorable experience!

Pride and Prejudice Book Cover


Considering how much Audrey and I obviously love Jennifer Anne Davis’ writing, it’s no surprise that the book at the top of my Chronicle list is Rise, Book 1 in the series The Order of the Krigers.  Book 3 releases February 1st, 2018 so expect more reviews from me in this fantastical series in the next couple of months!


Concealed Crowns

Rob Thier is an excellent writer I discovered on Wattpad a while ago!  I highly recommend reading his stories!  Silence is Golden is another quality read in his Storm and Silence Series.  I love Miss Lilly Linton’s wit and sarcasm.  This is an exciting story based in Old England, but not limited to that continent, and it includes action, humor and romance, some of my favorite genre’s! I am waiting for Sir Rob to complete the forth installment, Silence Breaking, I just can’t be patient enough to begin reading a book unless I know I can quickly finish what I start…

Silence Is Golden


Despite it’s negative point of view, my favorite Codex to write and post, was posted on July 21st, Most Disappointing Book Series.  Audrey and I both contributed our opinions to this list, and although many of these books still leave a lingering feeling of let-down, I stand behind our thoughts for each series.

Most Disappointing Book Series



Current Crusades

I think I have struggled writing reviews for our TV show category just as much as our Classic Challenge!  I can’t explain it just yet, but in the upcoming year, I will also try to put more emphasis on writing reviews of more Current Crusades.  My favorite review from this past year was the one I wrote analyzing Alias, but my favorite TV show that I watched, I think was Lucifer.  I will add Lucifer to my ‘TO DO’ list of reviews to write in 2018. 

Alias             Lucifer


Another split on this one…My favorite review to write was from the 1931, Black and White Classic Dracula.  Sometimes I worry we appear to basically enjoy most everything we watch and read and this review helps reassure that is most definitely not the case! My favorite movie that we watched and reviewed however, was Pride and Prejudice Zombies! I loved the irony and humor of this spoof take on the romantic classic!  It had me laughing most of the time! 

Dracula 1931              Pride and Prejudice Zombies

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