Review of “Jane The Virgin” on The CW

Jane the Virgin
Jane the Virgin
Network: The CW
Running: 2014 – Current
Genre: Comedy, Drama


A young, devout Catholic woman discovers that she was accidentally artificially inseminated.

Current Crusade Review by Audrey:

As you can tell, I am a binge watcher, especially when it comes to television series on the CW.  Jane the Virgin is another series on the ever growing lists of shows I am currently waiting for to return from its long winter hiatus.  I watch Jane the Virgin for the over-dramatic, and romanticized lifestyle of Jane Villanueva.

In season one, we meet the characters that you will either grow to love, hate, or become indifferent to.  With Michael’s and Rafael’s love for Jane, a love triangle forms that rocks the boat every chance it gets. I am not typically an admirer of dramatic love triangles, however I was pleased in the way this particular triangle develops, making the turmoil and end results understandable, even if I would not have made the same choices as Jane. Truthfully, this is what I need most out of any narrative. To be able to understand the decisions each character makes so they become more human and you can begin to envision yourself in their shoes.

When season two hits, the story progresses and becomes even more intertwined with double crossing and murder that brings a hysterical hint as it feels very juxtaposed to the love the characters have with one another.  Adding in more elements of love, Jane’s choice with how to raise her son, Mateo, the day to day struggles of parenting and the goals she wants to accomplish create a very apparent reality.

Season three takes a break from the love triangle.  The characters try to find themselves as tragedy strikes. Learning to deal with the repercussions of their previous actions, the main characters have to live with the heartbreak that loss brings and then how to move forward with the life they intended.  Rafael, Jane, and Petra are brought together as these losses brought forth fear in all of them that hadn’t been as present before.  I found that this depiction of the fear of failure was very accurate and slowed the show down, a very needed change in pace because in the beginning it was thrust into fast forward.

Over all, Jane the Virgin is a show I would recommend.  I enjoy the cheesy narrator, the comedic situations, and all of the lovable characters.  This series really embodies the blunders in life (of course with a bit more exaggeration).

Audrey’s Rating: 5/6
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