Review of “(Dis)content” by Melissa Haag

Judgement of the Six 5

Author: Melissa Haag
Series: Judgement of the Six, Book 5
Release Date: November 24, 2015
Pages: 306
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance


I hate. I thought I hated before the letter, before the werewolves, but now I understand that was nothing more than a chip on my shoulder. The urbat took what was mine. They will pay.

Isabelle leads a very normal life…for an emotional syphon. If not for Ethan and his bar, she would have lost her sanity long ago. But everything changes with the crash of her fighting cage and a man who transforms into a wolf. There’s something about Carlos—when he’s not growling at her—that makes her do things she wouldn’t normally do, like sigh and daydream.

Attraction aside, she is faced with the very real evidence that werewolves and urbat exist, and the urbat are after her.And the only way she can keep Ethan safe is to join with the werewolves and Carlos. It’s a race against time to stop a war, fight for love, and find the last Judgement.

Chronicle Review by Wendy:

The fifth installment of the Judgement of the Six series kicks it up a notch.  Isabelle is the fighter of the group, so naturally there is more action in her story.  As an emotional siphon, Isabelle considers herself a danger to anyone who is in her close proximity and certainly anyone she physically touches.  As the summoned emotions swell inside her, Isabelle uses physical activity like running as a way of expelling the overload of feelings.  Sparring is an excellent release, but the superior emotional purge is actual fighting, and she is a beast of an opponent.  Her fierce assault serves both her sister Judgements and werewolves alike while she is defending against the Urbat. 

Despite unconsciously drawing the emotions of anyone around her, Isabelle has learned to protect her own heart by ironically not allowing herself to acknowledge her own feelings.  She is similar to her other Judgement sisters striving to protect others by isolating herself both physically and emotionally, but Isabelle’s segregation is the most extreme.  She is somewhat cynical and blunt in her expression.  To me, she is a welcome addition to the personalities of the Judgements.  

The plot continues to develop throughout this book, however the ending leaves you hanging more than any previous books in this series so far.  I am now really ready to read (Sur)Real, the sixth installment and conclusion in this exciting series by Melissa Haag.

Wendy’s Rating: 5:6
Rating CrownRating CrownRating CrownRating CrownRating Crown


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