Review of “Bad Boys with Wings” by Wattpad Author Jojo B.

Bad Boys with WingsTitle: Bad Boys with Wings
Author: Jojo B (Wattpad=@Jojo_B)

Series: BBWW Sequel 1-Completed April 1, 2017
Status: Completed January 27, 2017
Parts: 62
Genre: Paranormal

**Watty Awards Winner 2016**


Four bad boys, something definitely different about them. Not only have they started creating a lot of trouble in the area since their arrival, but there’s something more, something inhuman.

Vienna is a girl with issues. Anger finds its way to her quickly, and what’s more is that she always gets the sense she’s being watched.

A story about a difficult girl and four fallen angels, as well as a lot of arson, assault, disaster, drunkenness and a guardian angel?

Wendy’s Concealed Crown Review:

Bad Boys with Wings turned out differently than I expected from when I began reading.   Disclaimer…this story includes more than four bad boys, however the four referred to in the above blurb turned out to be my favorites. Jojo B. scripted an interesting story and created complex characters.  Her writing even invoked me to feel defensive on their behalf, multiple times!  Some of the injustices afflicted on these ‘bad boys’ continues to fuel my feelings of reproach. 

Vienna is complicated girl with a sullen temperament.  I appreciated the gains she made through her struggles and dilemmas, but I am a little disappointed that she didn’t emerge with more maturity and insight regarding her future at the conclusion of the story.   Vienna’s siblings both feel genuine in their actions and in the dynamics between all the character interactions. Her older sister is dependably a sweetheart and her younger brother’s actions are consistent with other 15 year old adolescents I have known.  

Jojo B. weaved together familiar circumstances occurring within a relatable family and their daily routines, but included supernatural interference which helped keep this story from becoming predictable and mundane. The characters were each distinct and throughout the story performed true to their described personalities.

Without giving too much away, the story ended on a positive note, tying up loose ends for an ideal conclusion.  I however, actually preferred the alternate ending in an additional chapter titled #The Exorcist.  I’ve confessed before that I tend to get emotional which can otherwise be described as being a crybaby.  I did shed a few tears in a couple of ending chapters, so that is testament to the attachment I felt for these characters and their story.  I think I preferred the alternate ending because it was less cliché, but overall, Bad Boys with Wings was an enjoyable story.   

Wendy’s Rating: 3/6
Rating Crown
Rating CrownRating Crown

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