Review of “Cupid’s Match” by Wattpad Author LEPalphreyman

Cupid's Match
 Cupid’s Match
Author:  LEPalphreyman-Lauren Palphreyman

Series: Book One in Cupid’s Matchmaking Service
Status: Completed
Parts: 96
Genre: Paranormal, Teen Fiction, Romance, Chicklit

**WATTYS Award Winner 2016**
***Cupid’s Match will be released for CW Seed 2018***
Cupid's Match for CW Seed
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Cupid's Match Author Contact


In a world where everyone has a perfect match, what if you were matched with the dangerous, notoriously good looking, original bad boy…Cupid himself?
Dear Lila,

I am contacting you on behalf of The Cupids Matchmaking Service.
You will not have heard of us but we are an organization that works behind the scenes of society, identifying each person’s perfect match.
Usually we would not contact our clients. We prefer to work in secrecy – setting up the ideal environment for the two matches to have a chance encounter.
Recently, however, we ran your details through our system and…well….in your case…
We think you’d better come in. LEPalphreyman created  
Please respond at your earliest convenience.

Yours Urgently,

The Cupids Matchmaking Service

Concealed Crown Review by Wendy:

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, this Wattpad book is my festive contribution launching into the month of February. 

I believe I am not alone in this preconceived notion….but when I hear the name Cupid, I automatically think of a cute little chubby baby boy sporting a diaper, hovering by the ceiling in the corner of a room, golden wings fluttering while aiming his golden bow and heart tipped arrow towards his next recipient of love.   Lauren Palphreyman completely shattered that image.  She created an entire history for new supernatural characters, integrating them with legends, known mythological beings and magical species.  Through explanations of new characters and their relevant backstories, she managed to convey to us an understanding of chronological events, both realistic and magical.  I was especially impressed how the writer mixed folklore, magic and real world, cutting-edge technology, to set a very contemporary tone for the entire book. 

Lila Black is the main protagonist of this romantic tale.  The premise of the story begins with Lila responding to multiple texts, emails and finally a letter she received urging her to contact the “matchmaking service”.  Lila is actually annoyed with the hassle and baffled as to why she is even known to this ‘dating service’.  I did find it improbable when the very people at the matchmaking service, who persisted in reaching Lila, are the very ones who act put-out when she does finally respond to their many attempts of contact. Lila initially goes to Cupid’s Matchmaking Service to demand that they stop contacting her, but employees who call themselves cupids, ask her to stay and hear them out….instilling a sense of urgency and impending danger.  Why then do they become annoyed when she doesn’t believe their fantastical explanation? Lila is a normal, skeptical human who has never been exposed to magic.  I wouldn’t be convinced easily either.  It seems to me, logically they should have been more prepared to explain and instruct Lila on consequences and a plan of action going forward.  

Apart from my nitpicking some of the details and me questioning some of the decisions the writer directed certain characters to make, this story is original, the characters are endearing (or some may be maddening), mythology and modern life are creatively woven together and overall, this book is a fun story.  It’s sweetly romantic and a great read to delve into around Valentine’s Day.  Coincidentally, Valentine’s Day is book 2 in the Cupid’s Matchmaking Service series…check out our next blog post on Thursday, Audrey’s review of Valentine’s Day is coming up!   

Wendy’s Review: 4/6
Rating Crown
Rating CrownRating CrownRating Crown

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