Review of “Valentine’s Day” by Wattpad Author LEPalphreyman

Cupid's Match 2Title: Valentine’s Day
Author: LEPalphreyman
Series: Book Two in Cupid’s Matchmaking Service Series
Status: Completed
Parts: 70
Genre: Paranormal, Teen Fiction, Romance, Chicklit


Roses are red
Violets are blue
The match has been made


Concealed Crown Review by Audrey:

The follow up review to my mom’s previous post, Cupid’s MatchValentine’s Day is the continuation of Lila’s story as she navigates through the ever growing maze of secrets her new world seems to offer.

In Cupid’s Match, Lila is introduced to Cupid and the mythological world that comes along with being his match. While the author’s fun, twisted take on the classical image Cupid usually portrays was interesting, I couldn’t prevent my mind from reverting to their perceived origins rather than the images that LEPalphreyman used to conceptualize mythological analogies.  I am a geek when it comes to mythology.  Comparing the stories used by the author in this series to their traditional legends, ended up being one of my main focal points while reading.  I admit, the portrayal of this whole “humanized” version of Cupid is more realistic than the typical baby with a heart tipped arrow that has been so widely accepted in our society.  Thankfully, there were enough correlations in this updated story-line with traditional mythology that I wasn’t too distracted to keep me from enjoying the overall story.

Now, onto the review of the second book, the main reason for this post to be written.  In Valentine’s Day, the addition of another, new threat comes to light. Of course with Lila’s naivety to this new world, she is not completely sure how to handle the hurdles thrown her way.  This aspect was completely relatable.  The protagonist has not yet been able to acclimate with this magical society she just been flung into.  Seeing the fantastical world for the first time is bound to leave enough shock to last most of us a lifetime.  However, with her friends like Cal, Charlie, Crystal, and of course Cupid, Lila is able to find some sort of barrings to help cope.

Valentine’s Day stirred up more mixed feelings for me than the first book. Reverting to my impressions of traditional mythology, some of the adaptations LEPalphreyman assimilated to these beloved stories didn’t rest well with me. Of course, I understand describing a version where you have more creative liberty, but there needs to be a balance within these changes.  In all honesty, some of these new versions of traditional fables felt forced upon those of us who happen to love the classic and previously religious legends. I could be alone in my thoughts, but I would not be telling an honest review without addressing something that I feel so strongly about. In addition to the twisting of tales, I was a bit disappointed the two books as a whole, were a little lackluster in the romance department. When dealing with the god of love, I fully expected more moments of passion and love. I believe that the addition of just a few more scenes highlighting these connections in a book about Cupid and his match would have made their relationship and the whole story more believable.

Okay, that’s enough with the negative. Overall, the book(s) had well thought out characters.  All of their personalities worked to either antagonize or strengthen the character’s relationships.  I give credit to LEPalphreyman for being able to bring this inventive story, created in the nerve passageways of her brain, and transcribe it into written words.  This is hard enough on its own, and successfully describing your vision clearly, I believe is sadly not always given enough credit. The world brought to life in these two books is enjoyable. Despite some stumbles, it was realistic depiction of the characters’ reactions and felt like an accurate portrayal of their emotions staying compatible with the story. 

Audrey’s Rating: 3/6
Rating CrownRating CrownRating Crown

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