Casual Narrative Blogging Back Soon…

For the past couple of weeks, we have been moving houses.  Yikes!  We are all so tired of moving!  Fortunately, this time we are only moving 25 minutes away from the last house, not 15 hours! I’m just going to say, it all sucks though.  I thought we had purged stuff when we moved to Colorado from North Dakota, but I now realize, not nearly enough!  After going through all of our….stuff…and having to physically pick up and move said stuff, we have committed ourselves to having a garage sale this spring, intending to sell some of this…stuff.  I am refraining from using a certain four letter word in this post that verbally I have been using to describe all of our crap, junk…stuff!  The TV is hooked up again, maybe I should catch an episode of Hoarders so I can feel a little less shameful of the treasures I thought were so important to keep.   Lately, any free time we find to watch a little TV has been designated to our American Olympians.  I really do love the Olympics!  It’s a relief that most of our weekly “Current Crusades” are on hiatus so the DVR can be set to record these athletic competitions.

I apologize for no posts this past week.  I am hoping since we are getting our electronics set up again and starting to get our stuff put away in our new home, we can get back to reviews and regular Monday and Thursday posts.  Also need to get back to actually reading again, especially The Count of Monte Cristo!  We are really going to have to push ourselves to get through that one in the next couple of weeks!

If you actually read our posts and enjoy our reviews and opinions, I thank you!  We really appreciate it when other readers find us worth coming back to and following us. Thanks for being patient with us on our journey of learning how to blog and again now while our lives are changing and enduring this move.  Have a great weekend!


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