Happy Easter-Monday!

Minnie Daisy Clip Art  Mickey Easter Clip Art

So Audrey and I have been on a rather lengthy hiatus from Casual Narrative. I apologize for our missing blog posts.  Not only did our family move houses, but my husband and I with some of our best friends got a crazy idea to start a gourmet popcorn business!  Yikes!  It’s been A LOT of work!  Starting a business takes a ton of time and research and effort and energy and money and I don’t see this changing anytime soon.  I am so excited about our new business and all of the possibilities we are looking towards for the future. 

popcorn clipart

Despite being crazy busy, (and this weekend, me being sick…grrrrr…) Audrey and I are still avid readers.  We fully intend on getting back in the swing of things with reviews on Casual Narrative.  Over this past year, I have personally re-discovered my love of writing.  For now, I will continue to use this blog on Casual Narrative as my writing outlet… In the future…I would love to start sharing the stories of the characters I have been writing in my head for years… But for now, I will be happily reading and reviewing books, TV and movies and popping lots of popcorn! Okay, side note – so far, I think my personal favorite is Cinnamon Caramel Apple Pie Popcorn.  After we get our start-up business really going, I will certainly post a link on this site for anyone interested in our yummy treats. 

Today I wish everyone Happy Easter-Monday! Next post will be Thursday, April 5th! Thank you to all of our faithful readers and subscribers! I love that there are people who care to hear our opinions and read our posts.  Thank you for following us!

Spring Daisy

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