Review of “On My Block” on Netflix

On My Block
On My Block

Network: Netflix
First Aired: March 16, 2018 – Season One
Seasons: 1
Genre: Comedy
Rating: TV-14


A coming-of-age comedy about four bright, street-savvy friends navigating their way through high school in the gritty inner city of South Central Los Angeles.

Current Crusade Review by Audrey:

After getting a recommendation from my friend, I quickly tuned into this new release Netflix Original.  I cannot say that I was hooked instantly.  In fact, even after the first episode, I was still skeptical to see the great things that my friend endorsed.  However, I know that you need to give any show more than one episode for the story to develop, so I did what any self-acclaimed binge-watcher would do, watch the next seven episodes (I would have watched more if I had enough time that day).

By episode number two, I was hooked. Not only was Monse a killer leading female character, but with the addition of Ruby, Jamal, and Caesar, I could not help but find myself laughing out loud. With one-liners pulled by Jamal, and Ruby consistently posing as the desperately loyal best friend, one cannot help but love the cast.  Caesar’s story is the heart of the show, for better or for worse, and fuels every action that ends up benefiting this teenage family.  So, with that being said, loving Caesar is a part of the journey.

Every episode adds another dynamic to the show. By either introducing something that is detrimental to the group, or something as trivial as a high school dance, the show continues to go up a level with every episode that passes. This creates a climatic, and hilarious show that stereotypes the high school experience, and fortunately, in a tasteful way.  

The only thing that I would critique negatively about the show is its ten episode cap.  In a series that amps up the danger and the risks and the rewards every episode, by the time the tenth comes, everything ends abruptly with a bang. Literally.  I was left wanting more. 

I couldn’t search fast enough to see if and when season two is coming.  Luckily, season two has been confirmed, and we will actually get to see what will come to be after that agonizingly amazing season finale.

Audrey’s Rating: 5/6
Rating Crown
Rating CrownRating CrownRating CrownRating Crown

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