Review of “Blue Comes Through” by Wattpad Author LouiseLLawrence

Blue Comes ThroughTitle: Blue Comes Through
Author:  LouiseLLawrence

Series: N/A
Status: Completed
Parts: 30
Genre: Romance, Adult

**The 2017 Literary Awards Winner**


Escaping an abusive relationship, Maddie has run to Cornwall. She’s starting over, with her young son Will and has covered her tracks to ensure she can’t be found.

Maddie very quickly meets Finn, gorgeous, laid back, surf obsessed, the ultimate good time guy.

The attraction is instant, but as far as Maddie is concerned, the absolute last thing she needs.

Can Finn conquer her fears and convince her to trust him?
When Maddie discovers Finn has secrets of his own – will their pasts ultimately destroy their chance of happiness?

Concealed Crown Review by Wendy:

I personally related to Maddie Blue in her thought processes, her OCD need to organize, her emotions, her mindset on being a mother protecting her son and her overall circumstance.  Maddie over thinks everything!  She is constantly second guessing her actions because she analyzes and re-analyzes her interpretation of others’ actions, reactions and their comments.  I understand the complications and delayed processing time from this redundant reasoning.  I have first hand understanding of conceiving a baby boy with someone in an unhealthy relationship.  Fortunately, the relationship with my baby boy’s biological father didn’t have the extreme level of physical abuse poor Maddie endured but, it was unstable and toxic nonetheless.  My “Finn”, who is still my awesome husband 23 years later, loved and embraced not only me but also my baby boy.  If you have read my reviews before, you know I am a sap and a sucker for happy endings.  *Disclaimer* this book may fall right in line with a pictured Happy Ending.  

This story is in the Adult genre and not Young Adult and it does contain some explicit scenes.  I feel the author, LouiseLLawrence, scripted this tale, including the more graphic and sexual scenes with sensitivity.  Her authentic illustration of the abuse Maddie suffers at the hands of her son’s father is chilling.  Maddie’s story begins while this young lady is right in the thick of dealing with dangerous abuse in a noxious relationship.  Focusing on all of the details written to explain Maddie’s physical and emotional reactions while being brutalized made me sincerely hope the author hasn’t personally experienced it herself. 

As a mom, I appreciated Maddie’s constant awareness of her son.  Her primary concern is for her Little Will’s safety and well being.  She sacrifices her own welfare over and over again to ensure her baby is safe and unaffected, as much as possible anyway.  Often times when reading other stories from a mother’s point of view, I find myself getting annoyed and frustrated at how clueless some mothers are regarding their own children.  Sadly, in real life there are many of these pathetic excuses for parents, but when I’m reading a story and I am supposed to respect and connect with the maternal figure, I need her to put her kid(s) first!  Throughout the entire book, Maddie demonstrates what I consider to be logical thinking of a good mom…for example, she remembers to bring the appropriate baby essentials, bottle, diaper (nappy), change of clothes, even his favorite stuffed ‘Dog’.  I appreciate the author included practical details of everyday life, like pushing the stroller one handed because your little munchkin wants to ‘walk’ or remembering to wash his little face and hands after a messy snack and striving to keep the language clean around her very impressionable sponge. 

Leaving her abuser is just the first major milestone Maddie has to overcome. There are other interesting hurdles and some fantastic characters Maddie encounters along her journey of healing and recovery.  I laughed out loud several times at the banter between the newly formed friends.  As Maddie heals and matures through the story, she blossoms, emerging as a strong, independent, healthy, and beautiful lady who is now equipped to be the best version of herself.   

I enjoyed this book.   The characters felt genuine.  The situations felt sometimes too real.  The path Maddie navigates is truly a journey worth following.  

Wendy’s Rating: 5/6
Rating Crown
Rating CrownRating CrownRating CrownRating Crown

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