Assisting Characters that MAKE the Book

Audrey’s Top 8 Assisting Characters That Make the Book


  • Magnus Bane – City of Bones Series
    Mortal Instruments 1  Mortal Instruments 2  Mortal Instruments 3  Mortal Insturments 4  Mortal Instruments 5  Mortal Instruments 6
    Sparkles, extravagance, magic, mystery, and finally, his wealth of knowledge. Magnus Bane is the center of information and offers immense support to the Shadowhunters, even though they have a long standing feud. He is my all time favorite character, period. Nothing more can be said except for; he is Magnus Bane.


  • Jamie Roth – Mara Dyer Trilogy
    Mara Dyer 1  Mara Dyer 2  Mara Dyer 3
    He never fails to have a sarcastic comment or throw his erratic personality in somebody’s face. Compared to others, Jamie is a breath of fresh air with his truthfulness and resistance to taking any crap from anyone. This is why he is in the number two position for my favorite assisting character.


  • Nico – True Reign Series
    The Key  Red  War
    One of my favorite additions to this series is Nico, the ferociously loyal best friend and companion to Darmik. Nico adds a steady character who is level headed and would dive head first into a mission for those he bonds himself to, even if it means his death.


  • Luca – River In Time Series
    River of Time 1  River of Time 2  River of Time 3  River of Time 31  River of Time 32 River of Time 4
    With his flirty banter, easy-going personality and head-strong will, Luca is pretty high on my list. He provides a relief, not necessarily comical, that is so crucial during the strenuous times in this beautifully crafted series.


  • Jessamine Lovelace – The Infernal Devices Series
    Infernal Devices 1  Infernal Devices 2  Infernal Devices 3
    Even though Jessamine holds a controversial personality, her heart gives her a place in my Top 10. Every action she made, although not in the best interests of most, were all out of a place of need and hurt as she struggles to find a place amongst society. Jessamine’s actions impact the course of the books, and make the series what it is.


  • Garvik – Reign of Secrets Series
    Reign of Secrets 1  Reign of Secrets 2  Reign of Secrets 3
    Only being in one of the three books, Garvik had to make a massive impression during his limited presence. The reason why I picked him to be on this list is because of his normalcy while everything shifts in Allyssa’s life. He adds a safe home for her to come back to, making his relationship with her a prime motivation for what comes later in the series.


  • Ben – The Dark Side of the Forest
    The Darkest Part of the Forest
    The brother and sister relationship is a weird one. You love, brother and protect one another to a fault. From my own experiences, this relationship is a key part of lives and is irreplaceable. Ben is this for Hazel, and through the fear and skepticism, Ben is there to help guide her through it, offering a shoulder to lean on when Hazel needs it most. Ben is Hazel’s strength, and this is why he makes The Dark Side of the Forest.


  • The Wizard – Dorothy Must Die Series
    Dorothy Must Die 1  Dorothy Must Die 2  Dorothy Must Die 3  Dorothy Must Die 4
    We all know the story of Oz. The Wizard is always the entity that performs great deeds, and allusively is not seen. This take on the Wizard is impactful to the story, because he is actually magical, and leads Amy Gumm in certain directions, whether or not this will end up benefiting her fight. The Wizard directs the course of action, and takes matters into his own hand. 

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