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I am a 39 year old (and holding for the third year) mom of three older kids, two grown boys and one teenage daughter.  My husband and I are high school sweethearts and have been married for 22 years! (something where I CAN be proud) Getting married so young is not anything I recommend to most others, but it is a part of our love story that I would never change!

I have had different of jobs and positions ranging from Customer Service Call Center Supervisor to Display Marketing Representative, and (my personal favorite) Small Town Movie Theater Owner and Operator.  We sadly had to sell our renovated theater a couple of years ago when we moved to Colorado.  I had some crazy, unexplained health issues that left me mostly unemployable.  Because I can no longer work my 9-5, I am starting this blog as a way to hopefully generate some income…eventually. It’s a bonus for me to be able to use our mutual love of reading and writing as an enjoyable way to stay connected to my daughter.

I read a lot of Young Adult Romance, Historical Fiction, Paranormal, Fantasy, Adventure, Humor, Chick Lit, and now more Classic Literature too… My daughter introduced me to Wattpad and to cut down my book buying expenses, I read quite a bit there…Although, I generally won’t start a book until it is completed. Since those crazy health issues I referred to earlier, I have little patience and (sadly) memory to read a chapter and wait more than a week to read the next?!? I don’t like to spend too much of my time reviewing the previous chapters as a refresher.

I live with my husband and daughter and our pack of four dogs (yes, 4, dogs-2 labs and 2 yorkies) in the “high-desert” of Colorado.  With my husband’s business, we don’t have a ton of free time, but when we make time for breaks, we watch a lot of DVR (Surprise! I also have no patience for commercials), we love getting together with friends and family to play board games and card games, we pamper and play with our dogs.  We are all missing our movie theater and how spoiled we were to keep current on enjoying most every new-release movie, eating the freshest popcorn in a quiet theater void of others’ talking, crinkling their candy wrappers, kicking seats and avoiding smelly perfume!

So if you made it through all of this blah, blah, blah, then I thank you for spending time on our site.  My goal is to make this blog a fun way to review Classic and new Young Adult Literature and hopefully provide some entertainment in the process. We are two people who love to read and want to share our (sometimes snarky) insight with you.  Please keep in mind, although I have a hard time reading through a lot of grammatical errors, our site is titled Casual Narrative for a reason.  We are in no-way Grammar or Punctuation Nazi’s and our focus is primarily on content and entertainment.



My name is Audrey and I am just another person in the gigantic sea of book lovers out there. I am nothing special. Just another high school teen trying to scrape her way through all of the homework in order to get to where I want in life.

My love of books was started when my mom would sit and read with me on the living room couch. Just the two of us, sometimes an obnoxious brother or two, reading books like Magic Tree House to advance my reading abilities into what they are today. Though this might not seem like much, without my mom, I would have most likely just read Harry Potter and been done with it. Never would I have read  Mortal Instruments or True Reign, two of my favorite book series.

The books I read are a part of me and as cheesy as this sounds, shaped me into who I am today. Without books, my love of being creative and different would not be there. The girl typing this today would not have been confident enough to dye my hair different shades each time or be wearing black nail polish. My identity would be lost, turning me into another angst filled teen struggling to fit in.

So all in all my life can be summed up pretty quick; I am a teenager that is probably more addicted to Netflix than what is considered healthy and needs to listen to music daily. I am a writer and artist that just wants to let their imagination take control.