Current Crusades

This blog was created to discipline ourselves in our personal quests to become more knowledgeable people and better writers.  Up until this point, we’ve included watching/reading and reviewing classic movies and stories-from non-published works to the classics.  Since we definitely know how to watch multiple seasons of a TV Series in a week or less…we thought it would also be fun to include our critiques on some of the many TV series we may or may not have binged…thanks to Netflix and now our new household favorite electronic...MuViBox | The Future of TV  We are keeping with the spirit of this ‘casual’ blog, so all of our reviews are weighted heavily by our enjoyment factor.

Current Crusades-Reviews by Wendy

AliasReview of Alias on ABC

Season One (2001)
Season Two (2002)
Season Three (2003)
Season Four (2005)
Season Five (2006/06)


Review of Shadowhunters on FreeForm
Season One (2016)
Season Two (2017) 

Shadowhunters-The Mortal Instruments Soundtrack


The Defenders
Review of Marvel’s The Defenders on Netflix

Season One (2017)
            Only Available on Netflix or   MuviBox_Logo Dark


Current Crusades-Reviews by Audrey

ReignReview of Reign on CW

Season One (2013)
Season Two (2014)
Season Three (2015)
Season Four (2017)


Review of Daredevil on Netflix

     Season One (2015)
     Season Two (2016)



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