Impressive Literary Parents/Guardians

Ten Most Impressive Literary Parents/Guardians

Parent Circus Monkeys

Codex by Wendy:
    1. Arthur and Molly Weasley – Parents of William, Charles, Percy, Fred & George, Ronald and Ginevra Weasley from The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling
      Magic-folk and Muggles, we all relate to this very endearing couple.  
    2. Kate Brown – Aunt of Audrey Marshall from The Voice by Jennifer Anne Davis
      Every girl needs an aunt like this! She becomes Audrey’s escape, safe-haven, support and friend.
    3. A tie between two different sets of royal parents…
      King Maxon and Queen America – Parents of Eadlyn Schreave from The Heir-Book 4 in the Selection Series by Kiera Cass
      Empress Rema and Emperor Darmik – Parents of Allyssa from Reign of Secrets Series by Jennifer Anne Davis
      After reading these (now parents) amazing stories, I feel a special connection to them and enjoy their parenting.  I love to read the “To Be Continued”… 
    4. Sam Riedel – “Adoptive” Father of Gabrielle Winters from Hope(less)-Book 1 of Judgement of the Six Series by Melissa Haag
      Sam is the epitome of what an ‘adoptive’ father should be.  He is Gabby’s rescuer, her protector and his love for her is pure.                                            
    5. Abby Johnston and Tommy Stevens – Parents of Keatyn Douglas from The Keatyn Chronicles by Jillian Dodd
      Famous movie star parents who are super cool, loving, not crazy, and don’t over-parent…Wow, who knew?…oh, wait…these are fictional characters.  
    6. Lilly Pierce – Mother of Jaques Pierce from The Grey Wolves Series by Quinn Loftis
      illy is a tender mom who is made relevant because she feels youthful.  She becomes more influential throughout the story, eventually becoming a heroine herself!
    7. Jocelyn Fray and Luke Garroway – Mother and Step-in Father of Clary Fairchild from The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare
      In-spite of the deception, these two genuinely love and fiercely protect Clary.
    8. Mr. Bennett – Father of Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine and Lydia Bennet from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
      Mr Bennett is one of the few adults in this book with redeeming qualities and he is a master of sarcasm before it was ‘a thing’. 
    9. Carlisle and Esme Cullen – “Adoptive Parents” of Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice and Jasper from The Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer
      I’m making a list of cool parents who fiercely protect their family…these two beautiful parents have got to be included!
    10. Grandma – 70 yr old, Asian grandmother of Maya Lindberg from All I’ve Never Wanted by Ana Huang
      She feels so genuine and she may have some of the funniest lines ever! 

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    Review of “Shadowhunters” TV Series


    Title: Shadowhunters
    Network: Freeform

    First Aired: January 12, 2016-Season One
    Status: 2017-Season Two, renewed for 2018-Season Three
    Genre: Supernatural Drama, Action, Fantasy, Romance


    Shadowhunters is an American supernatural drama television series, loosely based on the popular book series The Mortal Instruments written by Cassandra Clare.  The story follows Clary Fray who discovers a surprise concerning her life. The teenager is not who she thinks she is — she comes from a long line of human-angel hybrids, called Shadowhunters, who hunt demons.  Clary relies on fellow hunters Jace, Isabelle and Alec to help her navigate the dark world. While living in this new world among creatures like vampires, werewolves, fae and warlocks, Clary and her best friend Simon, who is also thrust into this dark world, work together to protect mundanes (humans) and down-worlders alike. 

    Current Crusades Review by Wendy

    When Audrey and I first learned there would be a new TV series based on Cassandra Clare’s world of The Mortal Instruments, we were pretty excited.  A little apprehensive because, the attempt to translate The Mortal Instruments:City of Bones into a box-office hit, didn’t exactly live up to expectations.  Like many other millions of fans, we fell in love with the Downworld Cassandra Clare created and the characters she conceived.  The Mortal Instruments is one of Audrey’s very favorite book series and The Infernal Devices is one of mine! We DVR’d the first episode and together watched it with skeptical eyes and hopeful hearts.

    Fortunately, the show actually delivered!  I think we had both lowered our expectations on what we would see, but after watching that first episode, we were pleasantly appeased.  The story line in the first season followed the book’s version for the most part, but not rigidly.  The producers, directors and actors of this series have managed to interpret the essence of each character and capture the spirit of the overall story.  As we are watching this second season, I am really engaged as unfamiliar situations develop.   While some events still emulate the original, I love that each episode is not just a mirror image of the book’s chapters unfolding.  I prefer the television series cast of Shadowhunters to that of the movie, City of Bones.   Don’t get me wrong, I fully recognize that the acting isn’t always stellar but I find myself invested in these characters and eager for each episode.  For me, the one exception is Magnus Bane.  Godfrey Gao, who portrayed Magnus in The Mortal Instruments movie, felt more believable to me as Magnus than Harry Shum Jr. who is Magnus in this TV series.  Harry Shum Jr. is okay as Magnus, but because I love the Magnus Bane Cassandra Clare created, I want to see him eloquently portrayed, with all the magic that IS Magnus Bane.  The brother/sister duo of Alec and Isabelle is so spot on!  This Jace and Clary were cast fittingly and even though I was initially timid about Alberto Rosende as Simon because I thought Robert Sheehan, who played Simon in the movie was close to perfect,  this new Simon has won me over too!  The onscreen chemistry of this TV cast as a whole seems to override any of my negatives.  Fingers crossed this series continues for many seasons to come.

    Wendy’s Rating: 4/6

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    Movie Review of “Pride and Prejudice” (2005)

    Pride & Prejudice Movie
    Sparks fly when spirited Elizabeth Bennet meets single, rich, and proud Mr. Darcy. But Mr. Darcy reluctantly finds himself falling in love with a woman beneath his class. Can each overcome their own pride and prejudice?

    PG      Drama/Romance      Focus Features 
    Starring: Keira Knightley, Rosamund Pike, Matthew Macfadyen…

    Classic Challenge Cluster: Cinema Review by Wendy

    After finally finishing the book, Pride and Prejudice, this movie was fun to watch.  I imagine if I would have watched the movie prior to reading the book, I would not have enjoyed it in the same way, or maybe not even much at all.  The version we watched from 2005, was very close to how I pictured scenes unfolding in the book.  Most of the movie cast fit well with how I interpreted each character from the book.  Donald Sutherland seemed a bit older than how I had pictured Mr. Bennett and no offense to Matthew Macfadyen, but I had depicted Mr. Darcy a bit more chiseled and maybe a little more…striking?  

    Clearly this film was well executed, using talented actors and actresses.  The characters were believable in conveying even subtle emotions usually saved for readers.  Other than a few omissions, and the scene where Elizabeth meets Georgiana Darcy, I didn’t notice many changes from the book.  I am glad we watched this movie, especially after reading the classic book.  A couple of months have passed since we read and watched Pride and Prejudice, the movie seems to have the same effect on me as the book. My opinion of both the book and film have improved as time passes.  I originally would have given this movie a 4/6 rating, but now as I recollect it, I am rating it a 5/6!  Next task is to watch Pride and Prejudice And Zombie’s and maybe the BBC America TV series…

    Wendy’s Rating: 5/6

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    Most Disappointing Book Series

    I think we have all had them…those books that seem to have so much potential.  They peak our interest, connect us with relatable characters, engage us in their lives, keep us  in anticipation, and then…fizzle out, wither the emotional bond that had felt so strong and then eventually leave us disenchanted and indifferent.  These are the Book Series that captured our attention, sucked us in and then just didn’t live up to that standard in the end. 

    Most Disappointing Book Series


    By Wendy:
    By Audrey:

    1. The Marked Ones Trilogy by Kat Vancil   The Marked Ones Trilogy
      • From the beginning, the one-page Prologue intrigued me.  I quickly connected to each of the characters, comfortable with their sarcastic banter and easily visualized their world.  I found myself immersed in each situation through almost all three books.  In the last few chapters of the third book, one character just vanished! No one seemed disturbed by this at all!  The remaining characters each greedily took their happy ending and neglected to acknowledge the one missing!   I believe the author was supposed to continue the story in a new series, but I was so annoyed by this ending that I haven’t even thought about reading more.  
    2. Maximum Ride Series by James Patterson  Maximum Ride Series
      • I understand this is a popular series and James Patterson has topped Forbes’ list of highest paid authors… for many years! I just couldn’t continue reading this series.  I enjoyed it initially, but found myself annoyed with the story and eventually the characters too!  I understand the main characters are kids; I expect them to be juvenile (I am the mother of two boys and one girl, I have a pretty high tolerance for rambunctiousness).  As a reader, I want them to grow and evolve and not so they can find romance! I found myself angry at the manipulative adults and the atrocities they commit against these hybrid ‘kids’ and I lost interest.
      • The first book was a good start that left me wanting to read more.  As I continued to read this series, there was a lot less focus on the oigin of the hybrid kids and more focus on smaller, insignificant things like their love lives and bickering amongst each other. I found myself constantly hoping for the reminisiance of the first book to flow over and to make the other books more enjoyable to read. 
    3. Unenchanted Series by Chanda Hahn Unenchanted 1 Fairest 2 Fable 3 Reign 4 Forever 5
      • The first book was mostly fun and interesting.  I was only mildly annoyed with the lead protagonist, Maya.  By the time I was a few chapters into the second book however,  I personally couldn’t get past Maya’s immaturity.  Her decisions and thought processes drove me crazy!  Again, I understand she is young, but as a young lady, learning to navigate these incredibly dangerous situations and ideas, shouldn’t she be able to learn from her unique experiences?
      • I was not so bothered by the immaturity of the main character, Mya as my mom was. Though, her naivety left holes and troubling situations throuout the story. With trust issues, Mya was constantly switching sides, muddling up good relationships that would actually help her. One of the most difficult things to get through was her lack of a thought process. Running in head first with no understanding of the consequences of her actions. 
    4. River in Time Series by Lisa T. Bergren River in Time 1 River in Time 2 River in Time 3-4 River in Time 5
      • This one breaks my heart to include on this list, but I can’t deny the disappointment I felt in how this incredible series wrapped up.  I absolutely loved the people in this book, especially sisters Gabi and Lia!  Lisa T. Bergren describes historical Italy in a completely relatable way.  About 3/4 way through Deluge, the final book, I became frustrated with multiple characters. It felt like the story was condensed and maybe even altered in order to squish in the conclusion by the last page. Why??? It was easily one of my favorite series until that point.  
      • These books were easily one of my favorite series. I read the first book in a night, quickly transitioning into the second. This well told story sucked me in instantly and didn’t let go the entire way…that is until the end. The last book Deluge started out strong like the rest, but around the end, felt rushed. Finishing the series was not rewarding as my favorite character Gabby, was no longer a major role. On top of this, situations altered the other characters’ actions, which would be okay but they were no longer remotley the same person as before. 
    5. Kihanna in College of the Kihanna Saga by Mercy Amare The College Life I'm Over It 
      • I didn’t immediately connect to these characters or the writing, but as I continued to read, I found I wanted more and more of Kihanna’s life and her story.  I guess I wanted a lot more, because I read all seven books in this series! My disappointment comes because the author quit writing Kihanna’s saga. Her blog states that she may re-write some of her books by removing bad language and content while keeping the same basic story with a more Christian view.   September, 2015, was the last time her blog was updated, so not really sure where she is with the process…
    6. Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas Throne of Glass Crown of Midnight Heir of Fire Queen of Shadows Empire of Storms
      • This series was beautiful at the beginning. The main protagonist was relatable and the storyline gripped my attention, sucking me in. Sadly, when the scond book hit, this amazing and strong leading character changed within a drop of a dime, leaving me baffled. I tried so hard to power through it, but even I, the person who begrudgenly pushed through the Maximum Ride Series could not push through this hump to finish reading the series. 


    Review of “Black and Green- The Academy, Ghost Bird Series” by C.L. Stone

    Black and Green
    Black and Green 
    Author: C.L. Stone
    Series: The Academy – Ghost Bird Series
    Release Date: June 20, 2017
    Pages: 435


    Sang Sorenson’s father abandoned her and her sister, leaving them to fend for themselves for months. He’s returned, and finds Sang is missing. He demands she return. Right now.  Her Academy team doesn’t want to risk losing her ghost status and she doesn’t want to put them in danger, so she reluctantly returns home, but is comforted that she will still be monitored by them.  But the second she opens the door, she discovers her father has made changes that will affect her entire future. His decisions will make them a normal family.  Normal is no longer what Sang wants. It would kill her Academy career before it ever started. Not to mention it would end the special, new, and still-fragile relationships with the guys.  Sang struggles with her family, her identity, and where she truly belongs. Now that the entire team knows about their romantic relationships with her, tensions are mounting, tearing the team apart from the inside.  Only, Dr. Green isn’t going to lie down and roll over by playing by the rules. Not anymore. Not while Sang is at risk.  His heart can’t take leaving her in that house one more minute. He needs her. They all do.  

    Chronicle Review by Wendy

    This is the first review I am writing of this book series, although it is the 11th book in this saga.  Eventually, I would like to write a review for each of these books (yeah, okay…let’s just say it’s been added to my ‘To-Do’ List).   

    I love this story! The characters in this series are relatable, each having flaws and strengths. Sang is one of my favorite protagonists. Even though I am fortunate in never enduring a fraction of the abuse she has suffered, I strongly connect with her thought processes and understand her actions  This book picks up exactly where the previous book left off (The Academy – First Kiss).  C.L. Stone does an excellent job of making seamless transitions from one book to the next.  Each book is a continuation in the story line. At times I feel like the story timeline is moving too slow.  This is probably because the events in each individual book seem to happen over a period of days or weeks compared to the reality of waiting for the next book release, which covers so many more months!

    Black and Green goes more in depth into the up-bringing of the adorable Dr. Sean Green.  Until this point, only little snippets of his back-story were revealed. In this book, Dr. Sean finally crossed the invisible line that has separated Mr. Blackbourne and Dr. Green from the rest of the family.  For multiple reasons, Dr. Green will understandably still have to keep one foot on the other side of that invisible line, but I am so glad that his character feels like a more integrated part of this Academy family.

    This book series has a lot of characters to keep straight, but C.L. Stone somehow introduced two new characters and made them an exciting and unexpected addition to this story.  We meet another imposing mother-figure for Sang to assess and be tortured by (Oh, sorry, I mean deal with), fortunately this time she has the help of her new-found Academy family for support.   Jimmy turned out to be completely opposite of my expectations when he was first introduced.  I was surprised by his refreshingly non-cliché personality and actions.  I also appreciate how C.L. Stone resurrects characters who have taken a bit of leave of absence. 

    Just as each of the other books in this series has ended, Black and Green’s conclusion leaves me anticipating the next installment of this intricately woven story with it’s endearing characters.  The Academy-The Ghost Bird Series-Love’s Cruel Redemption, book 12, is “coming soon”.  Here’s to hoping that doesn’t mean an entire year from now!  


    Wendy’s Rating: 5/6

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    Review of “Sold to Him” by Wattpad Author nightimeshadows

    Sold to Him

    Title: Sold To Him
    Author: Wattpad Author – nightimeshadows
    Series: N/A
    Status: Ongoing
    Parts: 46+
    Genre: Romance



    Daren Night is ruthless, cruel; one of the most feared men in the world, but he has always been intrigued by the idea of having someone of his own. Someone he could take care of and love. Someone he could show a different side of him to. Someone who would love him endlessly.  He’s had his eye on one girl in particular. A girl who has been broken beyond extent and torn to pieces by her drug addicted mother, who owes him for all of the drugs she’s taken from him without pay.  Due to this, he’s found a perfect time to get what’s his. He’s given the mom a chance to pay him back by something other than money: by giving him her daughter…

    Wattpad Review by Audrey

    I wanted to read this book since I was and still am currently have troubles with one of my own stories. I am constantly trying to find and scour Wattpad for anything to help me with character development and themes. Starting this book, I was fairly excited. Not only was the primary character the author chose to write out of a male, but the topics of abuse both mentally and physically I thought would really help me and shed light on how I can write some of my own scenarios.

    Sold to Him, without a doubt, was way different than I was expecting it to be. Right off of the bat, the beginning left me startled and confused. The emotions the main character, Daren, was feeling, although human, baffled me as he claimed that he “loved” Aria, the main female lead. Going back to my memory of Romeo and Juliet, this fast startling proclamations left me a little angry. Daren had not even talked to Aria before saying this. On top of this, Daren was meant to be a gang leader, and even though I respect the author’s choice of not making him the typical gang leader, I felt that he was too emotional. I found contradictions like this throughout the book. He would think one thing, but act on a completely different instinct.

    Like stated before, I was excited that a male was the lead since most stories are written out of a female’s point of view. Though, as I read, I couldn’t help but feel that Daren was closer related to how a girl would be portrayed. I wasn’t expecting the book to be void of emotion, or be all about women, but I would have liked to see a more true representation of how a man thinks. Having two older brothers, I am not lost on how they think either.

    I know this review can be looked at as harsh, but not every book you read is a grade A book. I commend nightimeshadows for writing her story, it takes guts. You have to take all Wattpad books with a grain of salt since nothing is a final draft, but the grammar and sentence structure was not distracting and it was one of the things that the author did a pretty good job with.

    Audrey’s Rating: 2/6

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    Illegal My Ass

    Title: Illegal My Ass
    Author: Wattpad Author – makeandoffer
    Status: Completed
    Parts: 52
    Genre: Humor

    Mia Hastings was never one to follow the rules.  Her brother knew it, her best friend knew it. Everyone knew it. She lives for the moment, doing whatever she feels and thinking of the consequences later. Her main goal in life is to live it.

    Mia’s brother’s best friend Drake O’Connell was never big on rules.  The judge who sentences him to 2 years in prison knew it.  He is known for being the badboy, partying and womanising. His charm, good looks and obnoxious behaviour made his life pretty easy and his main goal in it was to have fun. He had lost 2 years of his life locked up, so he was determined to make up for lost time.

    So when these two people are thrown together, both without a care in the world, issues of their own and more secrets than an episode of Pretty Little Liars, you can expect a story full of laughs, tears, arguments and felonies.  They might be breaking the law, but both Mia and Drake are about to find out that when it feels wrong, it is ALWAYS more fun

    Wattpad Review by Audrey:

    Illegal My Ass was funny from the start, straight to the finish. Living up to it’s Humor genre, I found myself laughing at the comments the characters would make throughout the story. Although the humor was crude, it is what made the story, and I am a person never to stray away from crudeness. I have read more from makeandoffer and her style is not limited to this one book.

    I commend the author for her use of characters. Often you will find that with many people being introduced, it gets confusing and you wish for a more simple cast. Even though Illegal My Ass had a lot of characters and parts within it, I was able to keep the people straight, only mixing things up every now and then. Throughout the book, I noticed that most of the characters were moderately the same. Drunk teenagers that were living their life to the fullest.

    The situations these characters encountered were all over the place, but in a good way. Sometimes it felt like there was no major conflict, but as the story progressed, the outcome became clearer and clearer. Because of these situations, your liking for the characters was strengthened, but not to the point of loving them like you do with your favorite novels.

    As I said earlier, makeandoffer is a very talented writer that brings life to her books by using wit and humor. Very wisely is I may add. Illegal My Ass is not my favorite book that I’ve read on Wattpad, but it is definitely going onto one of my Reading Lists.


    Audrey’s Rating: 4/6

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