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Review of “Valentine’s Day” by Wattpad Author LEPalphreyman

Title: Valentine’s Day Author: LEPalphreyman Series: Book Two in Cupid’s Matchmaking Service Series Status: Completed Parts: 70 Genre: Paranormal, Teen Fiction, Romance, Chicklit BLURB: Roses are red Violets are blue The match has been made I’M COMING FOR YOU… Happy VALENTINE’S DAY, Lila… Concealed Crown Review…

Review of “Cupid’s Match” by Wattpad Author LEPalphreyman

Title: Cupid’s Match Author:  LEPalphreyman-Lauren Palphreyman Series: Book One in Cupid’s Matchmaking Service Status: Completed Parts: 96 Genre: Paranormal, Teen Fiction, Romance, Chicklit **WATTYS Award Winner 2016** ***Cupid’s Match will be released for CW Seed 2018*** for more info…. BLURB: In a world where everyone has a perfect match, what…

Review of “The Day I Died” by Wattpad Author NeonLights1404

Title: The Day I Died Author: NeonLights1404  Series: N/A Status: Completed Parts: 50 Genre: Chicklit **Watty Awards Winner 2014** BLURB: Ever plummet at 200km an hour and face plant the ground? Well let me tell you something, it’s way worst than it sounds. You’re probably wondering how I would know…

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